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Articles Posted in Sexual Harrassment

Activision Blizzard lawsuit ended and new policies in place
TB Robinson Law Group

For readers of this blog, the Activision Blizzard sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuit has likely been on their radar. And, to the surprise of almost no one, it looks like the company has finally agreed to change course. The lawsuit Over the summer, the company faced a lawsuit from both the California Department of Fair…

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Top child protection official resigns amid harassment claims
TB Robinson Law Group

A leading manager at the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, or DFPS, resigned recently in the wake of a woman’s filing a sexual harassment lawsuit. The former employee’s was filed against DFPS but names the man as a perpetrator. Among other obligations, DFPS investigates allegations of child abuse and neglect and also is responsible for…

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Sexual harassment still occurs in a work-from-home era
TB Robinson Law Group

The workplace has changed the past year. Employees in Texas and states across the nation soon discovered the flexibility of their work environment and the ability to work remotely. While employees were no longer seeing colleagues face to face, they still interact with them through video calls, emails and other forms of messaging. Through these…

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Sexual harassment plagues the restaurant industry
TB Robinson Law Group

Despite the prevalence of the #MeToo movement and an increased focus on preventing inappropriate behavior in the workplace, sexual harassment continues to plague work environments of all sorts. However, some industries appear to be more susceptible to sexual harassment, which has left many workers in that field feeling embarrassed, ashamed, and afraid for their own…

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Harris County constable’s deputies file harassment suit
TB Robinson Law Group

Three current or former deputies for a constable’s office in Harris County have filed a lawsuit accusing their employer of sexual harassment and other serious workplace misconduct. According to the lawsuit, which was filed in a Houston federal court, the three women were all brought onto the force in order to help deter human trafficking. The…

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Texas lawmakers introduce the Vanessa Guillen Act
TB Robinson Law Group

In April 2020, Venessa Guillen, a 20-year-old woman and an Army Specialist went missing from Fort Hood, Texas. More than two months later, her corpse was discovered several miles away from Fort Hood. She was allegedly murdered by another soldier. During the course of the investigations, it was discovered that she was sexually harassed on two occasions…

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What is a hostile workplace?
TB Robinson Law Group

Hostile workplace sexual harassment is a type of sexual harassment prohibited under the law. Workers and victims of this type of sexual harassment should be familiar with what it is and how they are protected against it. What is considered a hostile workplace? Hostile workplace sexual harassment is a potentially actionable type of sexual harassment…

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Sexual harassment remains a challenge
TB Robinson Law Group

Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the workplace has not gone away during the pandemic. Workplaces and workers are still impacted by sexual harassment and should know how to spot it in this new environment and how they are protected against it. Workplace protections against sexual harassment Just as workplace sexual harassment has not gone away, the…

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